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E’ l’Associazione italiana dei CREATIVI della MODA. Nasce come associazione no profit creando un progetto per la valorizzazione della MODA e dell’ARTE riunendo tutte le espressioni della creatività . Eccellenze in grado di IDEARE, PROGETTARE e CREARE seguendo un fil rouge capace di coniugare ricerca, pensiero e messaggio estetico.

The main mission is to represent and promote the highest cultural values of FASHION in synergy with ART.

A FASHION divinely disconnected from the dictates and influences that reflects those unmistakable characteristics such as craftsmanship, savoir-faire, sophistication, quality

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ART and FASHION become two worlds that communicate, interpenetrate and give life to a new language.

CREATIVE FASHION ROOM® finds its reason to be there from a precise need and an explicit need. To valorize young professionals of Fashion / Art who do their work with enthusiasm and who need to be visible by expressing their art to reveal a knowledge already inherent in their soul. Restore value to those trades that have always valued our Made in Italy.

A very original association compared to all the others, defined the first one dedicated to Fashion and Art without diversifying in terms of turnover or importance.

Stylists, Cool-hunters, Photographers, Modellers, Sculptors, Tailors, Buyers, Makers, Painters, Brands, Companies... protagonists of the arts, united to explore intersections and encourage trespassing between the fields of knowledge and beauty with the aim of creating the true Made in Italy.

The new space offers designers and aspiring entrepreneurs a workplace where they can develop a creative project as well as a physical showcase where they can present their projects to professionals and the public.

Point of reference among young people, brands, professionals and companies. A new launch platform for brands, young designers and creative professionals.

Cool-hunter of creative ideas.


The Association is not for profit and aims to operate in the fashion, costume and communication sectors, enhancing the image and consideration of fashion operators - and in particular of young designers and creatives - by promoting, coordinating and carrying out cultural, artistic and technical activities in order to foster the development of critical and aesthetic sense, creativity, taste for quality, authentic beauty and elegance in these sectors.

It was created with the aim of: coordinating, promoting and protecting the professional, moral and material interests of the companies, stylists and associated operators both at national and international level; working for the solution of problems in the administrative and legislative field concerning the associates and more generally the artistic sector of fashion and advertising or promotion in general and related services, promoting possible coordinated actions for a regulatory adaptation to the evolution of contractual relations in the sector;

facilitate and coordinate relations between companies, designers and between them and the users of their services, taking an active part in the harmonisation of professional rules at national and international level;

to render services of interest to members, including reimbursement of expenses incurred.

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To this end the association may promote and organize, also in collaboration or with the patronage of other public or private bodies:

  • studies, seminars, research, surveys, statistical surveys, also by means of directly prepared and distributed questionnaires;
  • publication of studies and research, conference proceedings, journals, bulletin;
  • conferences, conventions, congresses, debates, round tables, meetings in schools, youth associations, trade and sector associations;
  • Fashion performances and cultural and artistic events
  • design and production of online trade magazines
  • portals and websites, design and implementation of spots and / or advertising campaigns and any other type of communication, including multimedia, useful to achieve its purpose;
  • study and research groups, training courses, introductory and/or advanced courses of activities specifically related to the fashion production and marketing sector and the communication sector;
  • any other cultural, training and editorial activity relevant to the purpose of the association.

Why join us?

 Creative Fashion Room, in its function of representation and protection, proposes itself as a precise interlocutor and point of reference in the fashion sector; it contributes to the realization of events, initiatives and manifestations useful for the development of the idea, pursuing objectives of research, enhancement of professionalism and image of members and places that want to link their image to the creativity and luxury of fashion. While maintaining their own identities, members can draw many advantages from the union in Creative Fashion Room, multiplying the opportunities to get in touch with various players in the fashion world, sharing knowledge and information useful for the corporate culture, increasing the ability to compete in the markets.

Creative Fashion Room is committed to:

  • To foster relations between members for the study and resolution of problems of common interest;
  • Collaborate with the Organizing Bodies for the realization of trade fairs in the sector;
  • Collect and make available to members information, surveys and market studies, fashion trends, innovative materials, regulations, etc. ...;
  • Take an active part in the development of the fashion sectors through comparison with local and national administrations and other organisations in the sector.

Why join us

To face new challenges it is necessary to "make system", enhancing the technical and creative skills of members.

Making system allows ito pursue strategies born from a high number of interactions and collaborations between public and private entities that can contribute to the process of construction, communication and sale of Italian fashion.

Members keep their identity kept together by an organizational scheme and a dense network of links and relationships that allow them to move as if they were one big structured reality.

This means collaborating to compete in a globalized marketplace while maintaining one's own cultural identity - true and unique added value - but also taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of others to seize new opportunities.

The skills and initiatives of Creative Fashion Room are heading towards today:

- increasing competitiveness through activities and initiatives that have a direct and positive impact on members, such as purchasing groups or vocational training activities;

- representation at economic and political bodies, through participation in trade associations and the consolidation of relations with Chambers of Commerce, Ministries, administrations, the European Community, as well as research bodies and universities;

- the promotion of members, their products and production capacity on domestic and foreign markets, through activities such as participation in events and fairs, incoming buyers, presence in selected showrooms and online promotion.


It wants to be a creative pole, which combines experimentation, passion and business, promoting the taste and style made in Italy in unconventional fashion / design, communication and events. A place where to set appointments with buyers, stylists, journalists, a scene for presentations and openings, a meeting point, a bureau de style for the research of trends, a surprising and rich reality and a pleasant journey through the exclusivity of the beauty, taste and creativity of Made in Italy.

Among the objectives the development of creative-commercial projects: brand promotion, collaboration and artistic direction, coordinated communication.

In addition, the production of events with a high level of creativity: exhibitions, installations, concerts, parties, performances, fashion shows. Pr and press office: web, press, newsletters, portals, social networks; events-lounge, targeted distribution of flyers.

Research and selection: location for events and sets; technical staff (photographers, designers, stylists, make-up artists, artists, etc.).

The training, information and training of the operators will be based on the real requests collected among the members and for the individual areas.

Training and specialisation are two processes that are indispensable today to deal with the complexity of the economic environment and its rapid changes. For this reason Creative Fashion Room believes it is the constant stimulus for the growth of members and companies, creating frequent opportunities for in-depth study and updating. In collaboration with organizations, companies and professionals we organize round tables, seminars, conferences and courses.

In collaboration with training institutes Creative Fashion Room promotes the organization of internships, company visits and classroom meetings with company witnesses, allowing a continuous comparison and exchange of experiences between the world of training and that of business.

To join, it is necessary to fill out the membership form and make the payment of:

an initial fee to be paid on a one-off basis;

an annual fee, the amount of which is determined annually by the Shareholders' Meeting.


The system allows to offer to all the interlocutors opportunities for growth and business, through the combination of creativity and skills typical of the Made in Italy business. Are you a company, a market operator, a body, a company or a professional?

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Your opportunities are our chance.
Partners / Companies

Entering the Creative Fashion Room means access to a wide range of possibilities for your company's business, for example:

  • open your business to new markets and new showcases
  • undertake or continue a process of internationalisation
  • access to funding and public tenders
  • obtain professional advice from qualified experts and organisations
  • benefit from advantageous economic conditions through membership of purchasing groups
  • benefit from institutional representation at national and international level

Companies that are part of the clothing supply chain also have the opportunity to sign up for the Creative Fashion Room.

Market Operators

Are you a buyer?

Are you looking to buy men's, women's and children's clothing for networks of shops or import Made in Italy products abroad?

Are you a wholesaler?

Creative Fashion Room can help you develop B2B contacts with operators in the supply chain, supporting you in your product search.

Are you a branded company looking for private label production?

Creative Fashion Room can support you in finding the right production reality to support you in the development of your collections, from research to design, sampling and production.

Are you a designer looking for a production company for your collection?

Creative Fashion Room can help you select the company closest to your qualitative and quantitative production needs.


Creative Fashion Room può rappresentare per gli enti un ponte verso il tessuto economico del territorio.  Infatti entrare a far parte del network significa:

  • find a direct reference with businesses and local entrepreneurship
  • to have a window on the economic trend of the territory, to fully understand its characteristics and needs
  • to have a unique and reliable reference partner
  • reach the business world in a capillary way
  • to work alongside a project partner to stimulate the economic development of the territory.

Se vuoi scommettere sul comparto della moda, se credi nella qualità e nella creatività  italiane, se puoi creare le condizioni per trovare le risorse e gli strumenti più adeguati per competere sul mercato, entra in contatto con Creative Fashion Room.

Society and professionals

If you are a company, a professional or a consultant, with Creative Fashion Room you can strengthen your business thanks to the strength and network synergies:

  • make your professional skills available to a consolidated group of potential clients
  • get in touch with a dense network of relationships in order to expand and diversify your professional knowledge and implement your offer with new services
  • promote your business to Creative Fashion Room companies and affiliates
  • diventare fornitore dei gruppi di acquisto offrendo i tuoi servizi o prodotti ad un gran numero di imprese e a condizioni favorevoli di mercato. E molto altro ancora.

Do you want to contribute with your added value to the growth of the members? Get in touch with Creative Fashion Room to enrich its proposals.

Come associarsi a Creative Fashion Room ®

Per associarsi alla Associazione Creative Fashion Room è necessario provvedere alla richiesta e alla compilazione dei moduli seguenti:

  • modulo di iscrizione all’associazione (compilato in ogni sua parte)
  • modulo per l’autorizzazione al trattamento dei dati personali (compilato in ogni sua parte)
  • copia della propria Carta di Identità firmata
  • copia certificato CCIAA (aziende)
  • una propria foto dimensione fototessera (meglio se digitalizzata in formato .jpg)
  • ricevuta del versamento della quota annuale (vedi dettagli nel modulo di iscrizione)

     Associazione Creative Fashion Room ®

Sede Legale:

Via Giorgio Paglia, 17 24065 – Lovere (Bg)

Sede Operativa:

Piazza San Lorenzo, 2 – 24022 Alzano Lombardo – Bergamo

Cod.Fiscale / Partita IVA 04130800164


La richiesta non impegnativa deve essere spedita alla mail specificando la volontà di Iscriversi.

Si richiede di entrar a far parte della Associazione Creative Fashion Room® attraverso iscrizione in qualità di:

Impegnandosi, in caso di accoglimento della domanda, ad ottemperare a quanto disposto dallo Statuto associativo che dichiara sin da subito di aver letto e compreso in toto, sottoscrivendo altresì le relative clausole vessatorie riportate nell’allegato “Estratto dello Statuto”.

L’accoglimento verrà comunicato a seguito dell’analisi dei documenti compilati ricevuti e a seguito della dichiarazione di ammissione delConsiglio.

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